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How it works

Once you click away from our website and land on our partnership websites, you will have 2 hours to complete the purchase and upload the order id back into your account in We will then start the verification process. Once verified, you will be notified by email. Failing to do all within 2 hours, we may not be able to verify your order, therefore, you may not be able to get your cashback.

Our verification process would be between 1-5 working days. Once verified, you will be notified by email and your available cash back balance will be shown in "Your Transaction" page in your account.

If you missed 2 hours purchasing window, you could still be able to make a claim. Here is what you can do:

  1. Login your account;
  2. Go to the same product page that you ordered before;
  3. If the "Buy Now" button is still available, click it;
  4. Go back to "View Your Order History" page and you will be able to see a new order record;
  5. Click on Verify Now button and follow the instruction.

Please note that if the "Buy Now" button isn't available, you may not be able to claim your cash back.

Yes. You would need an account in order to participate with the cashback process. What we need for registering an account is bare minimum. Just fill up your name and email, you can start hunting. :)

For registering a new account with us, please go to register page.

We do not require your card details. All purchases would be happening on our partnership websites/sellers. ie: Amazon, eBay and etc. 

Once you have placed an order with our partnership website/seller, they will ship the goods over to you. We do not collect your shipping address information.

It would depend on the shipping policy on our partnership websites/sellers. they would provide you with a tracking number so that you would know where your orders are.

Please do check our partnership websites/sellers pages for return. Normally would be able to help you with the return upon request.

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